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    So today was a very special day at CWO- you see these three gentlemen and Heidi were video taped for an up coming award they are receiving in September. The relationship they have developed is so strong and healthy they are being recognized. Many of you don't know this but Heidi started her drumming classes at CWO with the idea of teaching our staff and passing off the drum sticks- well she came to me about three weeks into doing the classes and said 'Elaine I can't leave, these guys are my friends" She has developed such a close relationship with so many of the customers and they give back so much to her. WIN WIN in my book, of course you can stay Heidi:) Evening with friends will be so special this year - Come out and join in :September 15th, give Community Living Services a call for tickets.
    And Heidi THANK YOU so much for all you do:)

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    Working on our new volunteer project from one of the non-profits helping out our local community. Always great to give back to your community:) Come by and get involved it is great to have help. ...

    Wonderful organization called "Connect Us" that volunteers their time doing community projects with persons being supported by C.W.O.

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    CWO (Community Work Opportunities) updated their profile picture. ...

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    CARF Accredited


    Day Program / Vocational Services

    Our staff specializes in assisting people with special needs in the development of life, social & employment skills necessary to help improve their quality of life.

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    If you have a child with Autism or another developmental disability we have a therapeutic
    Children’s Sensory Processing Clinic
    designed with them in mind.

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    Our Occupational Therapists assess, utilize, and adapt everyday activities to improve function, enhance performance, promote health, and increase independence in those persons to whom we provide services.

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    About Us

    Community Work Opportunities (CWO) is a vocational agency that provides comprehensive services for persons with developmental disabilities. Our services are designed to meet the needs, competencies, capabilities and interests of the customers we serve.

    Community Work Opportunities is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all of our customers through our excellent services and programs:

      • Early Sensory Integration and Occupational Therapy for children
      • Transition and Employment training specialists
      • Positive Community Experiences and Social Integration
      • Vocational Rehabilitation Services
      • Assistance with Individual Education Plan: How will the goals and objectives of educational services transition to vocational services?

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