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    Thank you for everyone's understanding today as we recovered from 70% of our building being found flooded today as we arrived for the day :(
    GREAT BIG SHOUT out to all the staff for all their hard work and for Jarvis restoration for coming out so quickly to help us clean up- by the way they are still here working hard so we can at least open for partial services tomorrow - everyone has been called that we can provide services to - If you have any questions please feel free to use my cell number (734) 718-7134 so I can answer your questions- Hopefully we will be back up and running Monday morning.
    One of the staff said today I wish I had a rubber ducky - so here's your ducky:) Better we laugh than cry :) :) :)

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    This would be a great night for many, if interested let them know:) ...

    Night to Shine - Sponsored by Tim Tebow Foundation

    February 9, 2018, 6:00pm - February 9, 2018, 8:00pm

    You are invited to Night to Shine, sponsored by the Time Tebow Foundation. Join us for a FREE prom night. One that you will never forget! Walk the red carpet, enjoy the royal treatment and dance the night away! For people with special needs 14+

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    Just a friendly reminder we are closed New Years Day:) ...

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    CARF Accredited


    Mission Statement

    CWO provides support services for persons with special needs to promote inclusion, maximize independence and improve quality of life.

    Corporate Values

    CWO’s values center around our commitment to persons with special challenges living and working in the community with the least restrictive homes and work places. We subscribe to the four principles of a self-determining life; freedom, authority, support and responsibility. Inherent in these principles is the philosophy that people who determine their own lives are more highly regarded in the community. Their willingness to take risks, assume responsibility and advocate for themselves increases their value to society. Because they are more involved in their communities they build and retain a large variety of relationships which confirms their individuality.

    Needed supports and the way they are delivered are expressed through the person centered planning process. This tool establishes the role a person will play in their own life and the life of their community. It defines what they want from life and acts as a guideline for others participating in their life. As life is an evolution, the PCP is an ever changing document that flows with the individual. Changes are expected and made anytime the person requests it.


    CARF accreditation.

    Community Employment Services:
    • Job Development
    • Job Supports
    • Job Site Training
    Community Services
    • Community Integration


    Our parent company, Quest Inc., has been providing services to persons with developmental disabilities for over thirty five years. Quest expanded in April 1, 2002 when it merged with two nonprofit organizations; Today’s Living Concepts and Community Work Opportunities. The latter, CWO, became a focused vocational agency providing assistive services based upon individualized program planning and personal dreams. While the overall purpose of Quest is the quality delivery of community residential and vocational services to persons with special needs around the clock, CWO focuses on day programs. CWO is dedicated to a philosophy of choice & independence, and encourages all prospective persons served and their family members to speak with persons and their representatives currently receiving services from us.


    CWO is a tax exempt non profit 501c(3) organization.

    CWO has a Corporate Compliance Plan and Committee, which address Regulatory, Quality Improvement, Safety, and Risk Management needs.