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    CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS- CWO is looking for help building this on the North end of our building so we can see what we can get growing this year:) We will purchase all the supplies just need help and someone with the knowledge to put it together:) Please call the office right away if you are interested. ...

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    CARF Accredited

    Children’s Services

    Play Makes Sense is a time of learning how to best help your child develop, discovering your child’s great potential, seeing your child’s weaknesses or challenges turn into their newest achievement, watching your child meet milestones they could never achieve before, and helping create a better understanding of how to work on how to more effectively meet your child’s special needs.

     Play Makes Sense uses a family based approach to therapy for your child.
     We are here to help, educate, and empower you as a parent and/or caregiver to help your child succeed!
     We want you to be excited about learning more about your child’s abilities and advanced treatment techniques.
     Therapy with children should look & feel like play.
     It can also be a wonderful time of bonding and creating connections with your child!

    Building a child’s self-esteem is a very important part of what we do in therapy as we believe that this is a vital part of every individual’s ability to meet their greatest potential!

    All of our therapists love children, and are focused on not only what interventions the child needs in sessions, but what will work in the home setting to help you as a family carry out those techniques in your hectic daily life schedule.

    Pediatric Occupational Therapy focuses on evaluation and treatment of a child’s ability to perform at age appropriate levels in all environments. We often treat children with difficulties with touch, delayed movement skills, poor balance, muscle coordination, poor muscle tone, delayed fine motor skills, difficulty with meeting developmental milestones, behavioral challenges, attention and focusing issues, delayed self-help skills, and many other delays in development.

     Treatment begins with an extensive parent discussion and observations of your child.
     We will perform an in-depth evaluation using clinical observations as well as any information you provide.
     This will help tell us more about the underlying causes for your child’s difficulties and what we can do for you.

    Weekly therapy sessions and consultations are set up depending on your child’s needs and your family schedule. Home therapy plans with easy to follow verbal, written, and demonstrations are given each therapy sessions to help you as a family understand and carry out therapy needs in the home setting.