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    All of Community Work Opportunities management staff attended this event today and than had one of the instructors come and spend time at CWO to give us some advice as to how we can continue to make CWO a safe environment for everyone. A great day spent learning. ...

    Quest staff attending ALICE training and learning new ways to respond to potentially violent situations. Great information shared with a great group.

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    So I did not get a chance to drop by the Luau party last night , but boy did I hear about it today from everyone that attended- there were some really tired people today at CWO- a little to much dancing the night away last night:) ...

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    Come check out some of the projects our community volunteers have been helping with around CWO- Last couple of weeks have been busy learning about plants and butterflies- everyone got the chance to plant plants around CWO and make butterflies during a learning experience with the volunteers- Big Hugh shout out to our volunteers and of course the pets coming in to brighten our day:) ...

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    CARF Accredited

    Occupational Therapy

    occupational-therapyOccupational therapists assess, utilize, and adapt everyday activities to improve function, enhance performance, promote health, and increase independence in those persons to whom they provide services. They work collaboratively with their clients to identify areas of need and to develop creative solutions to address these areas while respecting clients’ background and culture and valuing their quality of life.

    CWO’s team of Occupational therapy practitioners are available for:

    • Comprehensive sensory evaluations
    • Sensory diets
    • Training families and/or support staff
    • Setting up individual’s environment to make it conducive to learning

    Our evaluations are designed to answer some of the questions families have as they seek to provide services for and advocate for their child’s special needs at home, in the community, and at school. These evaluations, are individualized and are comprised of both standardized tests and functional observations of performance during a variety of activities that challenge the senses. In addition to the evaluation, a thorough interview is conducted with the family to help us understand how the child perceives and responds to varying sensations and learn what the family already knows works and does not work to support activities of daily living.

    From this evaluation, if treatment is warranted, a customized sensory diet is developed. A sensory diet is a planned and scheduled activity program designed to meet a child’s specific sensory needs. The goal of a sensory diet is to help the child maintain optimal levels of arousal and performance in the nervous system.

    Families and support staff are trained in the implementation of the sensory diet. This follow through outside of the clinic provides the individual with a more consistent sensory program. In addition to training families and support staff on sensory integration techniques, our occupational therapy practitioners will evaluate the individual’s environment and aid in setting up that environment to make it more conducive to learning.

    Our team of dedicated, highly qualified, occupational therapy practitioners and customer agents at CWO take pride in providing customers with exceptional sensory services.